Feb 28

Control Towers are Big

By Xeross Posted in EVE Online, Photography

With all the recent videos popping up that make you see how big the ships actually are I managed to get a screenshot that puts the Control Towers into perspective too, so if you want to get an idea of the scale of things in EVE go fly close to ’em with your pod.

Control Tower in Perspective

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Feb 27

Ship Fit: Ratting Hurricane – Passive Shield Tank

By Xeross Posted in EVE Online, Fittings, Good Fittings

Hello and welcome to another one of my fitting posts, this time we’ll be looking at the ship I’m using for ratting. A passive shield tanked hurricane. Now without further ado the fitting.

[Hurricane, PvE – Ratting – Shield Passive]
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II
Shield Power Relay II
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II

<Rat Specific Active Hardener> II
<Rat Specific Active Hardener> II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II

650mm Medium ‘Scout’ Artillery I, EMP M
650mm Medium ‘Scout’ Artillery I, EMP M
650mm Medium ‘Scout’ Artillery I, EMP M
650mm Medium ‘Scout’ Artillery I, EMP M
650mm Medium ‘Scout’ Artillery I, EMP M
650mm Medium ‘Scout’ Artillery I, EMP M
Salvager I
Small Tractor Beam I

Medium Core Defence Field Purger I
Medium Core Defence Field Purger I
Medium Core Defence Field Purger I

Acolyte I x6

As you can see this fit still uses T1 guns, this is because I can not use T2 medium artillery yet, so if you can swap out the current artillery with the T2 variant (However my EFT shows no DPS increase with them). Now onto some stats.

Shield DPS 594 (With 2 Exp. Dampener IIs)
Gun DPS 179 (Using EMP M)
Effective HP 70,264
Capacitor Lasts 15m 14s

The stats are based on NPCs that fire 96% explosive

As you can see with both dampeners being active this fit has a considerable amount of shield tank (Only 1 anomaly was able to break it but that was because I killed the wrong rats first), it is possible to increase it even further by swapping the Gyrostabilizers for more Shield Power Relays however this is at the expense of DPS.

So what do you think of this fit ?

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Feb 24

Null-Sec Guide for Null-Sec Newbs

By Xeross Posted in EVE Online, Guides

As I myself have recently moved into null-sec I encountered a lot of new things and made some (big) mistakes, so I thought why not create a guide about this to prevent people from making the same mistakes, and giving them some useful info at the same time.

What is Null-Sec ?

Null-sec (Also referred to as 0.0) is lawless space where there is no CONCORD presence, so any and all activities can happen here without CONCORD intervening. This means you won’t be protected by NPC “Police” when doing anything inside these regions.

The space in null-sec can be owned by alliances after which the system is theirs and they can deploy Stations, POSes and other structures inside these systems. Usually you are safe within the space your alliance owns but enemies can always enter so be on your guard and keep an eye on local.

Dangers in Null-Sec & Low-Sec

Of course null-sec isn’t without any dangers as stated above here are some things that you need to watch out for in null-sec.

Avoiding dangers

To avoid being caught inside warp bubbles or getting gate camped also keep an eye on your alliances intel channel (If they have one) usually they will notify this channel of any and every enemy they spot in their space.

Warp Bubbles (Null-Sec Only)

These are bubbles (Well they look like bubbles) usually with some electric current running along their edges, these prevent you from warping,  they’ll also stop your warp if you happen to fly through ’em in the last half a second of your warp.

To get out of these you have two choices, if you’re near a jump gate you can approach the jump gate , however if there’s anyone in your overview try moving towards a celestial that’s nearest to the bubble wall, and warping as soon as you get out of it (Double clicking somewhere will make your ship move in that direction).

You can also attempt to avoid these by warping to a celestial object near the gate (Though chances are there are bubbles there too), after that you can use your directional scanner to check the gate.

Gate Camps (Null-Sec & Low-Sec)

The name says it, these are people camping at a gate, usually with 5 or more people, they will warp scramble, web and kill you whenever they get the chance, most of the time they’ll utilize warp bubbles.

To avoid these you can make use of  of your directional scanner to scan gates (as told above), or you can warp to the gate at 100km/150km to check if it’s clear.

For more info check the EVE Online wiki page about null-sec

Getting into Null-Sec

Ok so you’ve joined an alliance that has space in null-sec and you want to get into their space, or you just want to head into null-sec without your alliance having space there, but how do you get there in one piece ?

The first thing you need to know when getting into null-sec is where you will be heading of course, you can ask your alliance for directions they usually have a route that has proven safest, or if you aren’t in a null-sec alliance you just have to plot your own course.

While you’re travelling into null-sec you should try setting up tactical bookmarks at 150+ km from the stargates this will not only give you a good lookout point but at this range you can still warp to the stargate instead of slowboating to it.

Of course you have to remember about the dangers I’ve warned you for previously, especially in the systems that connect low security space with 0.0 space you’ll find a lot of these.

Don’t forget to change your Autopilot from “Prefer safer” to “Prefer shorter”.

Watch your mouth

This is a very important one, if you fail to remember this you will be tagged as a spy and kicked out in no time. Always think carefully when you talk about possibly sensitive information, if you’re not sure if you’re allowed to speak about something check with someone that’s high up inside your corp or alliance (Depending on whether it’s alliance wide or corp wide info).

Aid your allies

Help your allies whenever you can, if there’s a Call-To-Arms switch to a ship that fits as best to the preferred shiptypes as you can,  if there’s the need for a cyno see if you can be of help, helping your allies is a must if you want to stay in the alliance.

Note: I highly suggest you train Cynosural Field Theory to level 2 so you can light a Cyno when it’s needed.

Jump Bridges

As the amount of space your alliance owns (And the amount of space owned by friendly entities) can be quite vast there’s an in-game mechanic to get around in that space quickly, this mechanic is known as the Jump Bridge (Or JB for short).

Jump Bridges are structures that can be anchored next to a POS and 2 jump bridges can be linked together so you can jump between them.

Your alliance will probably have a map of their JB network that you can use, just ask for it in the alliance or corp chat.

Using Jump Bridges

To use a Jump Bridge you will first need to approach it until you’re 2000m or less away, you also need to enter a password for it, this can be done by right-clicking the capacitor in your HUD (The thing with the health bars) and then clicking “Enter Starbase Forcefield Password”, enter the password and hit ok. After this you can right click the Jump Bridge and click on the “Jump to…” option. You should see a jump animation and find yourself in the other system shortly after.

Making Money

If you plan on making money in null-sec (Why else would you come here anyway)  ratting is a great way of starting to make some of it. There’s a trick that makes the chance of quality rats higher (Meaning more/better loot) which can be found in an easy to learn format here.

However next to ratting there’s also Cosmic Anomalies and Cosmic Signatures this will raise the systems military index, the anomalies can be found by probes and the on-board scanner but the signatures (Which are the more profitable ones) can only be found using probes.

Next to these there’s also mining, however I highly suggest you mine with some protection and preferably in a group with someone that has high cargo capacity (As null-sec ore is quite spacious), manufacturing and exploration but I won’t go any further into those.

Well that wraps it up for my null-sec guide, have suggestions, additions, corrections or questions? don’t hesitate to leave a comment.



25/Feb/2010 – Added info on warp bubbles and gate camps.
26/Feb/2010 – Fixed some errors.
26/Feb/2010 – Revised some information.
27/Feb/2010 – Added some additional information about military anomalies.
27/Feb/2010 – Added some information about alliance intel channels.
07/Mar/2010 – Changed bubbles to null-sec only
21/Mar/2011 – Some rewording, added section about jump bridges
07/Aug/2011 – Fixed link to chain ratting guide

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Feb 24

A new chapter begins…

By Xeross Posted in EVE Online, In Character

Rewinding to a few weeks ago…

A notification appears on my display, “New EVE Mail”. Computer, read new mail.

To: Ghosts of EMC
Subject: Null-Sec

We have decided to make the move to null-sec, everyone should join Fusion Death Inc. as soon as possible. and wait further instructions.

Regards, The Board.

A few days later after being accepted by Fusion Death Inc.

Today is the day, we’ve moved all our stuff over the past few days so that it can be moved into our territory and are now ready to set off, after plotting a course and gathering up we set off to null-sec.

Under way for a while now it’s been pretty quiet in low-sec, we did encounter some people here but nothing posing a threat, till now things went smoothly but something tells me it won’t stay that way for long. One of my comrades just notified us that the system up ahead is also known as the “scary zone”.

Arrived in the “scary zone” no signs of hostiles, okay guys align to the next gate and warp to it. 0.3 AU removed from gate, almost there, ugh, what’s this. We are stuck in what seems a blueish bubble with some electric current running through it, “What’s this ?” I ask one of my comrades. “That’s a warp bubble” he replies “It will prevent you from warping”

“Oh, so… what do I do now ?”

“Well you approach the gate and jump through, unless there’s hostiles than you’ll want to find the fastest way out of it.”

“Ok, no hostiles, I’ll approach the gate.”.

Suddenly one of my comrades yells through the comms “I’m being chased by a 30 man fleet, I’m trying to shake ’em off. Continue along the set course”. Nearing the gate, activating gate, jumping.

Approx. 20 minutes later…

Welcome home, a familiar voice says through the comms. We’ve made it into our home system, after a tour around the Control Tower we were directed to the station a few jumps over to repair our ships and to get some rest after the long  journey down.

And so a new chapter begins…

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Feb 21

Simple Chain Ratting Guide

By Xeross Posted in EVE Online, Guides

I’ve got a link to this guide from one of my corp mates, and it might proof useful to anyone that’s rattting. I don’t know who made it but all credits go to him/her.

Note: I have no idea if this guide is still accurate, lots of things have changed in EVE since I stopped playing, so keep that in mind.

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Feb 07

EVE Drone and Rat Damage Types

By Xeross Posted in EVE Online, Guides

I thought I’d just whip up a post for this to use as a reference myself, all credits for the data go to whatever source they came from, of course you should always check EVE Survival for mission specific directions but this might be useful in other situations.

Drone Damage Types

Faction Name Damage Type
  • Acolyte
  • Infiltrator
  • Praetor
  • Curator
  • Templar
  • Hornet
  • Vespa
  • Wasp
  • Warden
  • Dragonfly
  • Hobgoblin
  • Hammerhead
  • Ogre
  • Garde
  • Firbolg
  • Warrior
  • Valkyrie
  • Berserker
  • Bouncer
  • Einherji

Rat/NPC Damage Types

Faction Main Damage To Inflict Damage Percentage
EM Exp Kin Therm
Pirate Factions
Angel Cartel Exp/Kin Exp 7% 62% 22% 9%
Blood Raiders EM/Therm EM 50% 0% 2% 48%
Guristas Pirates Kin/Therm Kin 2% 1% 79% %18
Mordu’s Legion Kin/Therm Kin 0% 0% 70% 30%
Sansha’s Nation EM/Therm EM %53 0% 0% 47%
Serpentis Kin/Therm Kin 0% 0% 45% 55%
Empire Factions
Amarr EM/Therm EM/Therm %47 %4 %7 %42
Caldari Kin/Therm Kin/Therm 1% 0% 51% 48%
Gallante Kin/Therm Therm 1% 0% 60% 39%
Minmatar Kin/Exp Therm 12% 50% 31% 7%


Note: if you think any data on this page is incorrect then please post a comment with the correct data and a data source.

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