So I’ve been attempting to make some money trading lately (Station trading that is), and figured that manually searching the market for items is just too time consuming (And as time is money). So I’ve started programming my own cache parser and analyser.

So far the cache reading part works, and uploading through http works too (Even though it’s just 1 executable that might come in handy if someone wants to use it for his own website or something), I’ve also written a crude plugin-esque thing to allow for easily adding more analysing modules.

So far I’ve thought of the 2 following things to analyse the market, would love to know the things you came up with to analyse it.

Simple volume based calculation

When an item gets uploaded get the highest buy order and lowest sell order, calculate the difference, and multiply that by half of the average volume of the last 5 days.

This is something that’s quite easy to implement and it’s the first (And only thing for now) that I’ll add.

Advanced prediction/snapshot based calculations

This is something I’ve given a good thought and involves comparing multiple snapshots of the same item in order to determine the buy and sell averages. This is quite tricky as you need to account for disappearing orders which can be caused by either it selling out or people cancelling it.

This would give a pretty good estimation of how much profit there can be made with this item, more accurate as the simple calculation, however this is not so trivial to implement.

So how do the other traders analyse the market ?