2.5 hours ago a post went up on the Goonswarm forums that was quickly mirrored to the EVE-o forums, detailing how Goonswarm made huge profits by utilizing flaws in the recent factional warfare changes.

Through flaws in the new factional warfare mechanics Goonswarm made a profit through destruying their own assets to acquire LP. As a result LP store items could be sold with large profits, causing the market to crash for the items involved.

Reports of earnings in the trillions seem to be the baseline, however an occurance of over 300 trillion in assets+ISK and 250 million in LP was observed.

CCP is currently investigating the situation and will decide on a later date whether the people utilizing this flaw will have their actions reversed. Factional Warfare in the meantime has been fixed.


I find it fascinating to see players analyzing and playing the sandbox to benefit them, this included, quite a bit of testing and theorycrafting went into this and the result speaks for itself.

Whether this is actually allowed under the EULA is something we could discuss endlessly but CCP will do whatever they feel is justified.

So, brilliant action, and we’ll see how it plays out in the coming days.