After spending around 2 months in null-sec the 800m ISK I had accumulated through GTCs has run out, and now I’m looking for ways to make some decent money down here.

So I thought why not ask my readers (and fellow bloggers) for advice, and perhaps even create a guide from the info gathered.

So first I’m going to list some ideas I had and the problems I encountered with them

Cosmic Anomalies/Signatures

I’ve been doing anomalies for a while now and we recently got an upgrade to our system that allows for Drone Hordes to spawn.

However the hordes are impossible to solo at my skill level with an hurricane (even lost one), and doing them in a group isn’t really that profitable. I’ve also been doing drone squads but the alloys/salvage per anomaly is at max 2m which isn’t a lot considering they take about 45-60 minutes to complete for me. And finally there’s also the Drone Hierarchies but they can’t be solo’ed either.

(Ice) Mining

Though this is quite profitable in null-sec it can’t be done alone (unless in a hulk with a good tank) and there’s also the problem of the reds.


Quite profitable too but I can’t find a decent Hurricane setup with salvager, codebreaker and analyzer (if you have one please share it with me).

Well that was it, after reading through it myself it seems my primary problem is the lack of skills, and I might have forgotten some other methods of making money down here.

Well If you have any suggestions pleaee leave a comment, thanks.