As most of you have already heard (And as some of you have already blogged about it) David Perry (A.K.A. CrazyKinux) has posted the new Blog Pack member list on his blog. Almost immediately as I got word the new list was up I went to check it out (As I was secretly dreaming of  a place in the pack myself).

So after opening the post and scrolling through the list of  people that made it into the new pack I felt a sudden burst joy and amazement as I was on the list. I didn’t expect it as I didn’t think my posts were of that great quality, but it seems CK finds them valuable so I’m now a proud member of the pack.

So here once more is the list of people that made it into the new blog pack, congratulations to both old and new members alike.

  1. A Ghost Blog, by Mr NOXx
  2. A Merry Life and a Short One, by Hallan Turrek
  3. A Mule in EVE, by Manasi
  4. Astral’s EVE Trial by Fire, by Astral Dominix <– NEW
  5. Beginnings of Piracy (The), by Mail Lite <– NEW
  6. Captain’s Log (The), by Prometheus09
  7. Chocolate Heaven, by Kala <– NEW
  8. DeafPlasma’s EVE Musings, by DeafPlasma
  9. Dense Veldspar, by Ahnog <– NEW
  10. Diary of a Bored Spaceman, by Rolinthor <– NEW
  11. Diary of a Pod Pilot, by Myrhial Arkenath
  12. Ecliptic Rift, by Casiella Truza
  13. Elitist (The), by Xeross <– NEW
  14. EVE Monkey, by evemonkey <– NEW
  15. EVE Newb, by Spectre
  16. EVE Online Wormholes, by Star Defender
  17. EVE Travel, by WebSapceships <– NEW
  18. EVE’s Weekend Warrior, Tony
  19. EVEOGANDA, by RixxJavix <– NEW
  20. Finders and Keepers, by Aiden <– NEW
  21. Flashfresh – A Pirate, by Flashfresh
  22. Freebooted, by Seismic Stan <– NEW
  23. Guns Ablaze, by Jager Da <– NEW
  24. Hands Off, My Loots!, by Cyberin
  25. Helicity Boson, by Helicity Boson <– NEW
  26. Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah, by Kirith Kodachi
  27. Jump on Contact, by Zetetic <– NEW
  28. Jumping through Wormholes, by eve_riotrick <– NEW
  29. K162space, by Blake
  30. Kane Rizzel – A Pirate’s Perspective, by Kane Rizzel
  31. Kirith Darkblade, by Kirith Darkblade <– NEW
  32. Learning to Fly, by Arukemos <– NEW
  33. Letrange EvE’s Blog, by Letrange <– Forced out of retirement
  34. Life in Low Sec, by Mynxee
  35. Mike Azariah, by Mike Azariah <– NEW
  36. Morphisat’s Blog, by Morphisat
  37. My Loot, Your Tears, by Khalia Nestune <– NEW
  38. Nashh Kadavr’s EVE Blog, by Nashh Kadavr <– Pulled out of a black hole just in time!
  39. Our EvE, by Kename Fin <– NEW
  40. Planet Risk Show (The), by Luminus Aardokay & Quivering Palm
  41. Postings from the Edge, by Zapatero
  42. Rettic’s Log: The Chronofile, by Rettic
  43. Rifter Drifter, by Wensley
  44. Roc’s Rambling, by Roc Wieler
  45. Sweet Little Bad Girl, by Shae Tiann
  46. Tales of Clan Oriana (The), by @Clanoriana <– NEW
  47. To Boldly Go, by Katia Sae <– NEW
  48. Venoms Bite, by Venom <– NEW
  49. Wench with a Wrench, by Maeve <– NEW
  50. Yarrbear Tales, by 00sage00
  51. CrazyKinux’s Musing, by myself!!!

Edit (03-03-2010): Updated, added links to all blogs.