Recently (Update: Amended press release by JP Morgan states beginning of  2010) the NYPD received “the largest donation in the history of the foundation” from JP Morgan as stated in a press release (mirror), a sum of $4.6 million.

Today during the “Solidarity March” protesters were kettled by the NYPD, and they’ve been (and still are) arresting people one by one, seemingly at random (Including children/teenagers), looking at the live feed I can see no reason for the arrests, people are just standing there getting picked off one by one. Now the real reasons are unknown so I can not comment on whether these are lawful or not.

I also can’t help but think that this is a strange coincidence; the arrests of (mostly) harmless protesters (protesting against the banks) and the biggest donation to the NYPD in their history (by one of those banks).

The livestream (well it was live, their battery went dead as I’m writing this, currently previously recorded footage is played) currently has 20,000+ viewers and is still increasing rapidly, the people are watching.

If the NYPD ignored the whole thing and acted rationally rather than randomly arresting and macing people this would’ve gotten nowhere near the attention it is now getting, so I guess we have to thank them for that.

TL;DR/Just Facts Version

NYPD received $4.6 million donation from JP Morgan (Update: At the beginning of 2010), press release (mirror) states “the largest donation in the history of the foundation”

Protesters were kettled (contained/corralled) during the “Solidarity March” and are one by one arrested for an as of yet unknown reason.

Livestream has over 20,000, growing rapidly, the world is watching.

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Update: It seems that JP Morgan has changed the statement on their website, the image mirror I put up is the original message