Since we were deployed into a null-sec area near high-sec for a week now I’ve had the chance to do things in empire again. I haven’t been to empire in a few months except the one or two runs to get some blueprints.

As I wanted to make some quick money I decided to check for a good agent again (Can only do level 3 missions) and settled in that system. The station my mission agent was in also had about 50 free production slots (And about 10 free PE slots) so I decided to invest some of the money I made with the missions into manufacturing and research.

After researching some profitable items I headed into Jita to get the blueprints and materials (Fortunately we weren’t wardecced at that time), after hauling them back I started the manufacturing jobs and waited for them to complete.

I hauled them back into Jita once they completed and behold my first manufacturing profit, a nice 1M ISK (Gotta start somewhere).

I’ll be keeping one of my clones in high-sec now to jump back and forth between high-sec and null-sec, currently I’m preparing for another production run, this one lasting 3 days and netting me about 30m profits (20m investment, 50m return).

I’ll keep you posted on how this production run will turn out.