Dec 31

Electronic Arts, Nintendo and Sony Still Support SOPA

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Various “news” sites have reported that EA, Nintendo and Sony have dropped their SOPA support, though they’ve never published a press release about it and they weren’t even on the official list of SOPA supporters, Techdirt explains what caused this error.

So they don’t support SOPA? No, they do support it, as they’re all members of the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) which supports SOPA as can be seen in the official list of supporters (Mirror).

If you want to check whether a tech company is supporting SOPA don’t forget to look at the list of members of the ESA and the BSA (Business Software Alliance) who also support SOPA.

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Dec 25

50,000+ Domains Transferred Away From GoDaddy Due To SOPA support

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GoDaddy has seen a massive amount of domains being transferred away from them as customers are moving elsewhere because of their support for SOPA. Among the companies transferring are Wikipedia and the Cheezburger Network (Who own over 1000 domains). It all took off when a GoDaddy boycott was started on Reddit. Various other domain registrars are even offering discount codes for anyone transferring to them.

Just today (The 25th of December) the counter is standing on 28,656 domains transferred out as seen on DailyChanges, and the amount just keeps climbing, day after day more and more domains are being transferred away.

GoDaddy has now retracted their public support for SOPA but the damage has been done, not to forget that they helped write SOPA, not just support it. I have no idea how long this will keep going and how many people will move away but it’s gonna hurt (It’s already hurting actually). GoDaddy is even begging for people to stay.

I’m sure more companies will face the wrath of the public because of their SOPA support, and various companies are already retracting their support for it, some companies never even explicitly supported SOPA “they agreed with Floyd Abrams’ analysis of SOPA. That’s it. They didn’t say their firms supported SOPA”.

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Dec 22

WTF is SOPA? (SOPA Explained)

By Xeross Posted in Tech

TotalBiscuit explaining SOPA in an easy to understand way, big thanks to him for making this.

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